Actor Sello Maake KaNcube Returns to Skeem Saam After Playing Conman as Kganyago

Veteran actor Sello Maake KaNcube is making a comeback to the popular soapie Skeem Saam after a break. He previously starred as the character Ntate Kganyago, who infamously scammed his lover Jacobeth Thobakgale (played by Elizabeth Serunye) out of R500,000.

In the show, the cunning Kganyago convinced Jacobeth to invest in a fake scheme while proposing marriage to her. He even persuaded her to abandon her own daughter Lizzy. After taking Jacobeth’s money, Kganyago disappeared, leaving her devastated.

Reports state that in his return, Kganyago may finally face consequences for his devious actions as Detective Rathebe closes in on cracking the case.

Maake KaNcube is an acclaimed actor known for iconic roles like Archie Moroka on Generations and a gay chief on The Queen. In an interview with Drum magazine, he expressed excitement about embodying new characters.

“Every character is different on each show. You are venturing into exploring different circumstances of a different persona that you take on,” he said. “It is a depiction a different human condition from the one you played in the previous show and that is always exciting.”

At 63 years old, Maake KaNcube credits his longevity to his passion, saying, “I am grateful to be able to do what I love. It is clear to me that everything that is happening in my career is a manifestation of that love.”

Fans are eager to see if justice will be served to Ntate Kganyago when the skilled actor brings the complex conman back to Skeem Saam’s storylines.

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