Celebrity Lookalikes: Somizi and Shebeshxt, Skomota and Seputla

South Africans are having fun pointing out the striking resemblances between some famous people. On social media, people have been comparing photos of TV host Somizi and rapper Shebeshxt, saying they look very similar.

One person even jokingly asked if Somizi could be Shebeshxt’s father. “It’s quite clear that the assertion about Somizi being the father of Shebeshxt is completely unfounded,” the article states. However, their appearance is remarkably alike despite their age difference and different careers.

Another likeness gaining attention is between dancer Skomota and actor Seputla Segobodi, who played Kenneth Mashaba on the soap opera Generations: The Legacy. A Twitter user shared side-by-side photos speculating “Apparently Kenneth Mashaba is Skomota’s father.”

While just for fun, these celebrity look-alike comparisons are providing amusement for South African fans and going viral online. “The online world is captivated by this surprising turn of events in Mzansi’s entertainment saga,” the article says.

Of course, the celebrities being compared are not actually related. But their uncanny resemblances make for an entertaining game of spotting celeb doppelgangers. It shows how some famous faces just happen to share very similar features and looks.

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