Dumi Masilela’s memory remembered through a mural in Tembisa

It might be close to three years since his passing, but Dumi Masilela’s memory still lives on thanks to an artist who has created a mural in honour of the late actor.

Dumi was shot in an attempted hijacking in Tembisa in 2017, leaving many South Africans feeling they had been robbed of a multi-talented person.

Although many have been vocal about how sad it is that SA lost such a talent, an artist has decided to create a mural in remembrance of the Rhythm City actor’s legacy.

Taking to Instagram, Dumi’s friend Global Decaphfe shared the colourful artwork of Dumi’s face on a wall in Tembisa.

He captioned the post and said: “My brother for life. I love you blood. Thank you for all the memories, the dreams will never die.”

Since the death of her husband, actress and singer Simphiwe Ngema has shared how hard it is to let go of the memory of Dumi.

Though she said in the past she was healing and letting go of her husband’s memory, in February Simz slipped back to the wonderful times she had shared with Dumi.

On Instagram, she shared a video of Dumi singing a sweet harmonious song.

“Boongs. All you ever wanted to do is music, didn’t even matter where we were. This was at some house in the hood, don’t even remember whose house it was, I just wanted to hear you sing.”

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