Durban hottie teacher Lulu Menziwa aka Madam B says she misses work

Our Durban hottie teacher Lulu Menziwa aka Madam B says she misses work. She is missing work like everybody else is missing their jobs. The COVID-19 has made life a hell living for many of us. We all sometimes cried for a break but we didn’t mean this long break. The pandemic has made us miss to realise that we shouldn’t take for granted the jobs we have.

The hottie teacher who became popular for her mouth-watering sense in fashion and her body which compliments well her fashion is one of the many people who are no missing work. The KwaZulu Natal teacher is also being affected by the lockdown as the government has said in level 4 no schools are going to be opened as the world continues to fight the deadly disease.

She posted pictures of herself in class as she surely misses being in front of her class. Check the stunning pictures of her serving nothing but the best while she mourns not going to work.Samkelo Ndlovu

If it was not for that person we wouldn’t even be writing this article about the hot Durban KwaZulu-Natal teacher. Buhle “Lulu” Menziwa is her full name, the teacher whose pictures have been widely circulated on social media due to her dress code in class has now become one of the most popular school teachers in Mzansi.

Samkelo Ndlovu

Since last year l think she has become the most popular teacher and ever since she has managed to maintain her status, as the best dressed Mzansi teacher we have and possible ever have.

Samkelo Ndlovu The teacher as l said earlier has a good taste when it comes to dressing and judging from her Instagram pictures she has been doing this for years.

Source – MbareTimes

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