It frustrates me to wake up in a house where there’s no food – Woman cries over her broke Ben 10

Siya Hulana (31) and her Ben 10 Mpumzi Mpoposho (26) have been together for two years.

But they’re on the brink of breaking up.

His pockets are empty!

Speaking from a friend’s place in Ramaphosa squatter camp in Philippi, Mpumzi said he followed his lover after she left their shack.

“She left because I couldn’t buy her food. I don’t have a job, but can’t live without her,” said Mpumzi.

“So I followed her. She’s coming with me when I go home.”

They’ve been shacking up at the friend’s place for the past few days.

Siya left their shack to give Mpumzi a wake-up call.

“It frustrates me to wake up in a house where there’s no food,” she said.

“But I love him. If he can fix the issue of not providing for me, we’ll be good forever.

“Our age difference means nothing. Age is just a number.”

Mpumzi said he’d be happy if SunReaders could help him find a job.

“I need to be the man in the relationship. I want to provide so my woman won’t have to worry,” he said.

The former cleaner has been jobless since 2015.

Siya’s friend, Phindiwe Mbungu, (40) said the two loverbirds normally can’t keep their hands off each other, but hunger makes them fight.

-Daily Sun

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