MaCele Mseleku on more than 20 years of marriage

MaCele (Busisiwe Mseleku) usually likes to keep her life private. However, because of her role on the reality show Uthando Nes’thembu and her new job hosting the Mzansi Wethu show Ezomshado, she has had to become more public.

MaCele says, “I am very private about my life. I also don’t see myself as a celebrity. There are too many expectations of how you should live your life when you’re a celebrity, which is so different from who I am.”

Hosting Ezomshado with sister-wife Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku was unexpected for her. “It’s nothing I’ve ever dreamt of doing. But I always knew that I wanted to speak to married people whether in seminars or workshops,” she says.

On the show, MaCele enjoys helping couples with marriage issues. “Even before the show, people would come to me for advice on cheating, stepchildren, mothers-in-law and husbands suddenly discussing polygamy,” she explains.

MaCele values giving honest advice, even if it means disagreeing with polygamy sometimes. “They would expect me to tell them to agree to polygamy and I usually say no because some of the women don’t seem ready.”

Hosting with MaKhumalo went well despite their different marriages. “I enjoyed working with MaKhumalo on Ezomshado. There was chemistry and even when we disagreed, we stayed professional because it was not about us and our marriage,” MaCele says.

Being a polygamous wife is challenging according to MaCele. “Whether you are wife number one or number five, marriage is just not easy. Being a wife comes with tough responsibilities.”

MaCele’s mother passed away in 2019, which she plans to honor this year. She also wants to revisit an unmet goal in her over 20-year marriage to Mseleku. “Mseleku and I were supposed to have celebrated our 20th anniversary with a white wedding, but the plans were not met. This is weighing down on me,” she says. “If we don’t correct this, I will have to make big decisions. It’s not about the dress. It’s about the principle, the promise and what it means to me.”

Despite challenges, MaCele is committed to her marriage. “When I got married, I told myself that I would be the first Cele woman to not have a failed marriage…Divorce is not even on my vocabulary unless the other person wants it.”

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