Pregnant pupil turned away from school

A 22-year-old pregnant pupil was turned away from her school in Limpopo. The heavily pregnant grade 12 pupil at Mokoto High School in GaRabogale village said she was told to go home and come back only after childbirth.

She told Sowetan that she was worried that she was going to lose classroom lessons after having already been at home for three months since the Covid-19 outbreak in SA.

“The principal told me that I should return home and only come back when I have delivered. He said he will talk to my mother about my condition,” she said.

The pupil said she is eight months pregnant.

According to a teacher who wished to remain anonymous, the learner is vulnerable and in danger of exposure at school as she was at an advanced stage of her pregnancy.

“The arrangement will be done with her and that won’t be a challenge because pupils have been studying from home. We don’t have the skills to handle her situation because anytime she might deliver and is better she does that while at home,” she said.

Department of education spokeswoman Tidimalo Chuene said the pregnant learner falls in the category of those who are advised not to report to schools on medical advice.

“The learner should fill in a health questionnaire. There should be arrangements made with the school to support the learner the same way we will be supporting learners unable to return to school due to confirmed existence of comorbidities,” Chuene said.

Source: Sowetan

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