Sarah Langa speaks about the stress of going shopping in the Covid-19 era

The collective paranoia of Mzansi is currently at its highest due to the rising number of infections. Model and influencer Sarah Langa‘s worries about contracting Covid-19 after heading out to get essentials.

Sarah Langa

“Every time I leave the house to go to the shops, I come back feeling like I have coronavirus, then I lay in bed for two days convincing myself I have symptoms and that I might die soon. I’m actually in hell,” she said.

Sarah Langa

Almost everybody understands EXACTLY how sis is feeling because as soon as you get a headache, sneeze or cough, this is literally you.

It doesn’t help that some of the symptoms of Covid-19 can easily be confused with those of regular seasonal flu. It also doesn’t help that by the time you manage to talk yourself out of believing that you’re sick, it’s time to restock those essentials once more.

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Source: Timeslive

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