Screenshots: Tino Chinyani reveals how he got Simz Ngema to sleep with him

This trending challenge got our favourite celebrities spilling the beans about their love lives and we are here for it, lol!

The How It Started Challenge is trending in South African and Tino Chinyani is the latest celebrity to fall for it, as he revealed how he approached Simphiwe Ngema.

On another day, another celebrity reveals how they started dating.

It was Tino who started by sending Simphiwe one of her beautiful pictures with crying emojis.

Tino Chinyani to Simz Ngema

He followed up with a message, “Sweet Fatha God, we are not worthy”

Simphiwe instantly showed some interest, and responded with, “well you looked ravishing yourself Mr Chinyani,” giving Tino some energy to continue with his flattery.

Tino then made is intentions known, suggesting he wanted Simphiwe closer than just being stranger. He said, “Why thank you, you shouldn’t be such a stranger.”

Simphiwe responded with, “I won’t.”

Tino wished Simphiwe a goodnight with a kiss and told her the kisses should be real ones next time. Simphiwe, who seemed to like the flattery, messaged back, “They will.”

Tino Chinyani to Simz Ngema

Wild thoughts ran in Chinyani‘s mind, and she made it known. “All kinds of wild thoughts thinking about you & me with no distractions, let me not get carried away.”

The feeling was mutual as Ngema instantly messaged back, “Well that sounds like a lot of fun.”

It felt so easy for Tino Chinyani, who closed with a punchline, “Trust it would be sensational… I’d make you shake.”

He was given a ‘go-ahead’ as Simphiwe told him that she wanted to see him shake her.

Tino Chinyani to Simz Ngema

The rest is history.

Asked about advice by some of his followers, Chinyani had a few words, that guys should approach people who like them to save themselves from embarrassment and stop wasting time.

The couple announced they now have a baby. “On the 23rd of June, we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani,” wrote Simphiwe.

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