Three Years Later, Questions Remain About Woman Claiming to Give Birth to 10 Babies

In 2021, a South African woman named Gosiame Sithole from Tembisa, Pretoria claimed she had given birth to 10 babies – 7 boys and 3 girls. This would have broken the Guinness World Record for most babies delivered at once.

However, the Gauteng provincial government dismissed the reports, saying no hospitals had records of such a delivery of decuplets. They warned the publication Pretoria News, who first reported the story, of potential legal action.

Despite lack of evidence, Sithole’s husband initially confirmed the births to Pretoria News. The editor, Piet Rampedi, stood by the claim along with the paper’s executive chairman.

A year later, a 57-page report concluded Sithole’s admission to a mental health facility for observation was likely justified. It stated the provincial government had encouraged her husband to report her missing to have her arrested.

Sithole herself then refuted giving birth to 10 babies, saying she did not have access to them. The record for most babies born at once remains 9, delivered by Halima Cisse in 2021. An American woman gave birth to 8 surviving babies in 2009, another record.

The “Tembisa 10” story resulted in Rampedi resigning as Pretoria News editor in 2023 after the controversial reporting. Three years later, Gosiame Sithole’s whereabouts and whether she actually delivered decuplets remains an unanswered question.

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