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Zimbabweans defy Mnangagwa: Pics.  Different images that have surfaced on the internet show Zimbabweans going about their normal lives. Zimbabweans have defied President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s directive to stay at home and observe the stringent lockdown regulations that were set by the government.

The defying of the President’s directive comes a few weeks after Melinda Gates said African streets will be littered with dead bodies of people who would have succumbed to the Coronavirus.

Zimbabweans have been failing to follow to observe social distancing because of the mealie meal queues.Footbal street

Source – Bulawayo24 News

Sunday confessions with Pokello 3rd edition: Pics

Sunday confessions with Pokello 3rd edition: Pics. We back again with the Pokello Confessions.  It seems she is doing it every Sunday, Last week we had a second edition of the series of the confessions which people reveal after the Queen of Swagger asks them to confess on her Instagram story. This is the third edition of the series of the confessions and they are getting popular people are reacting and opening-up on their secrets.


This afternoon there was fire in the streets of Instagram after Pokello had asked the question again and it made people tell their dark side as…continue reading.

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