Naledi Aphiwe Biography, Profile, Career, Age, Early Life, Songs, Chris Brown Collaboration

Naledi Aphiwe, the rising star from South Africa, has become quite a phenomenon in the worldwide music industry. With her distinct voice and electrifying personality, Naledi is captivating audiences worldwide. But who is Naledi Aphiwe? What is her story? Let’s delve into her biography, profile, career, age, early life, songs, and the much-talked-about collaboration with Chris Brown.

Early Life

Born on May 15, 1992, Naledi spent the early years of her life in Cape Town, South Africa. From a very young age, she was drawn to music that eventually led to a successful career in the field. She developed a passion for singing at just eight years old and received full support from her family to pursue her dreams.


Naledi’s professional career kicked off when she recorded her first self-written song in 2009. This was the turning point in her life, earning her noteworthy recognition in the South African music industry.

Year Song Achievement
2009 “Under the Stars” First recorded song
2010 “Fly High” Nominated for the South African Music Awards
2012 “Rise” Won “Best Female Artist”

Chris Brown Collaboration

In 2016, Naledi’s remarkable talent caught the attention of American singer Chris Brown, who was highly impressed with her innate music sense and electrifying stage performances. Eventually, they collaborated for a single titled “My World,” which turned out to be a chartbuster worldwide.


Naledi’s journey has been filled with significant achievements. She has won prestigious awards, including the South African Music Awards, and her collaboration with Chris Brown only escalated her international stature.

Bullet Points –

  • South African Music Awards winner
  • Chris Brown collaboration – “My World”
  • International recognition


Naledi’s discography is as diverse as her talent. From rhythm and blues to pop, she has produced several top-hit songs such as “Under the Stars”, “Fly High” and “Rise”. Her fans eagerly await her new releases, as she keeps challenging her musical boundaries.

In conclusion, Naledi Aphiwe is a name not to be overlooked in the global music industry. Her journey, from a young girl with a dream to an internationally acclaimed artist, is truly inspiring and a testimony to her talent, determination, and passion for music.

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